company is "one-stop-shop" for legal and financial services: companies formation and changes, accounting, audit, tax consulting, litigation, intellectual property, foreign enteties and bank accounts

Price policy

The quoted price of our services is final and will not be increased during the course of the assignment. Price depends on volume and complexity of your task. You will receive a quote on a specific service or an entire project at your first request.

The presented price of services is final. The " no surprise" quote will include all related expenses and incidentals (duties, transportation and overhead costs). If preliminary agreed with the client, all related expenses and subcontracting agreements (if they will be required for implementation of your project) will be documented and submitted to you.

By a separate agreement, we can accept our remuneration upon completion of the project, since for us the positive result is more important rather then the reward for the project arrived in time.

We seek a long term relationship with our clients and offer a flexible discount plan for long term clients and larger projects.

Please contact us for a price list (see Contacts)

Our operating guidelines

We value your and our time and constantly seeking to improve results and quality of work, to optimize business processes.

You will get a response from us within one business hour irrespective of the method of making the inquiry (via phone or Skype call, e-mail or a feedback form from the company website)

Do not hesitate to get in touch from a different time zone, since the above rules apply globally and without days off.

If your inquiry falls within the realm of the "typical" projects that we have a lot of experience with, chances are you will get the information regarding the terms , rules of engagements and costs of your project during the initial communications.

More often though, a face to face meeting is required to make sure all the nuances of optimal decision making are in place. In this case we can arrange to meet at our offices or yours at your convenience.

As a rule, based on the initial communications and information received from the client (by phone or within personal meeting) we put ourselves a detailed project plan, i.e. list and algorithm of rendering services which are requested by the client, which will then be modified together with the client to fully reflect the scope and the timelines of the project.

Besides the project plan, we suggest a series of scoping activities such as a questionnaires and intake interviews ,to identify the entire range if issues that have to be addressed.

We will ensure your business needs are professionally taken care of from the moment of first communication.

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