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Everyone has heard about de-offshorization and only a lazy man haven’t expressed his opinion to this question.

However, few people have in fact a real understanding  
of the following questions:

  1. what is de-offshorization?
  2. what are the aims of de-offshorization of the Russian economy?
  3. whom and how will affect (or not affect) the process of de-offshorization?
  4. what to do and where to run (or not to run)?

Of course, this is not a complete list of issues and problems, but we know the answers to these and many other interesting questions!

We provide the following SERVICES in the field of de-offshorization:

  • Structure analysis of assets of the Client with Russian and foreign ownership, development of recommendations and plan of action for making changes in the structure.
  • Advising clients on necessary changes in the structure of ownership of foreign and Russian assets through CFC.
  • Assistance in the selection of residency for clients seeking permanent residence outside the Russian Federation (residence permit, citizenship of a foreign country, participation in various programs for obtaining residency).

Company BDA is working with foreign jurisdictions since the time of its incorporation. The theme of de-offshorization is  for us as simple and intuitive as opening a company or conclusion of a supply contract for our client. To learn more about our services in the field of de-offshorization, You can contact us.

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