company is "one-stop-shop" for legal and financial services: companies formation and changes, accounting, audit, tax consulting, litigation, intellectual property, foreign enteties and bank accounts

Our advantages and operating principles.

Our advantages:

  • We are highly qualified hands-on professionals, with years of practical experience.
  • Ready to tackle unique complex challenges
  • Mobile - ability on quick reaction on clients requests.
  • Accurate and timely in diagnosing the issue in question; precise in forecasting the timeline of the solution. We are planning our actions one step ahead, and our clients are always updated on the status of the project.
  • Efficient. Our regular clients have had a chance to see that our fees are a good investment, and we are determined to keep our rates competitive
  • We are acting beyond the frames of the signed contracts - we use a comprehensive network of resources to ensure effective and efficient solutions are available to you, promoting successful development of client's business.
  • We measure our performance against the internationally accepted consulting standards

Operating principles:

  • High level of responsibility.
  • Strict confidentiality (Non Disclosure Agreement signed).
  • Comprehensive and customized approach to each project.
  • Initial attention to the client as to the business partner in a long term sustainable partnership.
  • Results instead of process oriented.
  • Open and professional in business and personal communications.
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