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Foreign corporate law

In our time, economies of different countries are so closely intertwined with each other that it's impossible to imagine doing business without contact with foreign markets.

Companies in foreign jurisdictions have always attracted businessmen offering more opportunities, which can be achieved when doing business abroad.

The most obvious benefits of owning and doing business through foreign companies are the following:

  • business is governed by the law of a foreign country with all of the advantages of foreign jurisdictions;
  • the ability to cooperate with partners from other countries, offering them a comfortable and flexible environment for collaboration.
  • optimization of the ownership and management of your business;
  • to take advantages of international agreements in the sphere of avoiding double taxation;
  • personal motives and prospects for your family;
  • many other, which, of course, apply to a particular situation and may not be all listed here.

BDA Company has been working with foreign jurisdictions since the time of its foundation, we speak foreign languages and specialize ourselves in foreign law. Our company will provide you a reliable support to start your business abroad.

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